Customer Speak


R.K. Shah - President Commercial
EMC Ltd., Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Projects

We are using cut & bend for last more than 2 years and today almost 100% of our requirements for transmission line projects. Our execution time has come down drastically with use of ReadyBuild. When scrap is sold at site, you never know what price it is going to fetch. With ReadyBuild, now there is absolutely no sale of scrap.

Mr. D.K, Verma - COO & Jt. Managing Director,
Space Konstryst (P) Ltd.

Management of projects has become huge challenge, due to manpower scarcity and coordination issues of various aspect. ReadyBuild has brought in a solution that is an answer to many problems. Like, it requires much lesser manpower at site. It takes care of logistic issues where there is scarcity of space. This is one thing that allows you to have complete coordination from day one. And finally you save seriously on wastages.

Mr. Fukuoaka Kenichi - Project Manager
Shimizu Corporations, Industrial Projects

Using Tiscon ReadyBuild, we can achieve the quality target that our company has. We can maintain the requirement of quality like lap lengths, angles etc. esp for the complicated areas like columns and beams where rebars become messy. By using ReadyBuild's, cut & bend we can control the joint & lap portions easily. Also, in India, labourers are always a concern. Using ReadyBuild, we can reduce the requirement of workers.